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Favourite Designer Friday 05: Simon Porte Jacquemus


Favourite Designer Friday 05: Simon Porte Jacquemus

No one incorporates their inspirations as clear and with such originality, as Simon Porte Jacquemus does in his work. His Spring/Summer 2018 collection as an homage to his influencer, ‘Pablo Picasso,’ was already mind-blowing and more of what we expected from this young, serene and humbled gentleman. Creativity and integrity in all of his collections does not stop there for the rising French designer.


Sounds from the Oud, Mizmar and Bendir all originating from the Middle East, ¬†filled the spacious venue. The choice of an earthly collection was a strong reflection of the colours of Morocco. Inspired by his regular travels to a Northern African country admired for its beauty in architecture; Simon honoured Morocco by having ‘Le Souk’ come to life in his Fall/Winter 2018 reader-t0-wear. He revealed to Vogue after his show, ‘I got lost in the souks with just one thing on my mind: I want to make it my next summer collection. I came back to Paris and made my winter of it; my winter collection. Not wasting any more time, my warm winter.’

The over-exaggerated yet sophisticated ‘Bomba’ hats marked many people. Models of all ethnic backgrounds strutted down the runway in Jacquemus’ eccentric heels (all varying in different shades of brown) which many be a reminder of furniture’s leg stands to some.

Very openminded, attentive, talented and fresh young designers such as Simon, is essential and vital for the future of the Fashion industry.


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