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12 shades of L’Oréal X Balmain

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12 shades of L’Oréal X Balmain

I came down in favour of selecting the shade that would not only match my skin complexion the best, but also how it would make me feel once i applied it. Power 360. I can validate this shade has done exactly that. It gives me a sense of fierceness whilst also making me look bolder.

With this Color riche collection, Rousteing wanted to incorporate three femininites: Safari, Rock and Couture. These three keywords are the epitome of what the Balmain army is all about- Confidence, glamour and flamboyance. The luxurious packaging is also a clear reflection of this brand.

Color riche lipstick hydrates your lips and is not ‘too matte’ to the point that you feel like your lips will crack if you try to smile. I can now tick off Balmain as successfully passing that test. You only need to apply it once for the whole day without having to worry that everything will disappear but the outline of your lips from the lipstick. What more could you possibly ask for?!

As Balmain’s first collaboration for a lipstick collection, it is pretty impressive at how he has managed to stay true to the feeling each shade gives off. He has ensured to not only suit his product to a wider range of skin tones, but most importantly, cultures; which is a topic that needs to be discussed and be brought awareness to more often.


This lipstick can either be bought online or in store at: Superdrug, Selfridges, Boots, Feel unique and Harvey Nichols all for only £12.99! 

It is no surprise that the Color riche collection is selling out fast, so don’t miss out on a great opportunity on owning one of these shades sold at such a reasonable price.

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