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My Moroccan Adventure

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My Moroccan Adventure

The constant sounds of cars honking, the distant rumble of drums beating in the distance. The residents bombarding you with warm welcomes, left, right and centre. Surround yourself with the soothing pastel peachy and royal blue colours of the buildings.

Bienvenue au Maroc.


Besides visiting and learning about all of the historical sites that shaped Morocco today, came the excursions. Camel riding, Cliff jumping, Oasiria waterpark and more; all of these activities enabled us to see the beauty of this country whilst having fun.


The breathtaking views was never-ending in Morocco. Everywhere I turned, I felt obliged to capture the beauty in everything- from abandoned properties to magnificent land situated in the middle of nowhere.

Design And Architecture

Morocco is mainly known for its extraordinary design and architecture. Their incorporation with nature inside their homes brings such serenity into the room and atmosphere. The older the item, the richer and more valuable it becomes. With that also comes the beautiful history, and significance of this North African country.



What makes this nation so unique is their mixture of Berber, Arabian and European culture.


Soak in more of the culture, the sceneries and the history by following my Moroccan vacation on my Youtube Channel soon : AvecYelena



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