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Learning To Mix And Match


Learning To Mix And Match

‘We need to understand that ultimate luxury is to keep your wardrobe and to enjoy it for many years.’ – A n n a  W i n t o u r

In the past, I am sure that many of you guys, including me, have found ourselves always stating that we ‘never’ have anything to wear. Whether it’s  to do with food, lipstick or shoes, I tend to declare this plenty of times. However, in terms of clothes; this is due to the fact we already have so many, that picking an outfit makes it much more difficult. Wearing something new every day doesn’t necessarily ‘prove” that you are fashionable; but being able to mix; match and effortlessly pull off  your different looks is a well-respected skill. Not only that, but mix and matching is more cost-effective; and it allows you to experiment- which is what fashion is all about; no?

Sexy Soft Rock

What I find pleasant about over the shoulder sweaters/jumpers is the fact that it is versatile. You can have it unveil a bit of skin on either shoulder; or if you are feeling a bit more daring; even both. As well as that, you can play around with wherever you would like your shoulders to be bare; or if you’d prefer your jumper to be accompanied by a fancy bralet underneath . I went for the second option which the lace fabric generated a sexy feel to my ensemble. Though it was not my intention to lean towards more of an alluring soft rock look; I believe that the outcome was not too harsh nor extravagant.


Not 1, But 2 Bare Shoulders

Keeping the jumper but choosing to wear it with both sides off the shoulder; this minimalist attire is perfect for a casual and youthful version of a ‘sophisticated’ day out. Have fun in choosing different styles of bralet- Burgundy, black white, halter neck, thin strap- the list is endless. The classic Ray-Ban shaped sunglasses also known as aviators, adds sleekness to the outfit. Moreover; the Western belt adds character to this look.

A Pop Of Colour

A sudden burst of a bright hue is very much refreshing. Simple to pull off effortlessly, you do not need anything other than a vibrant colour to attract attention. I strongly believe that the choice of colours you opt for truly have an affect on your mood; which is why I am gradually revamping my closet and forbidding myself from buying dark clothes. Although I also own this cropped, bell sleeve jumper in red; I decided to go for yellow this day as it complemented my skin tone and made me look even more radiant with the sun beaming. To maintain the flow of head to toe loose clothing; you could even assemble your jumper with a cute pair of boyfriend jeans. Complete your look with a cross-body bag; which will carry you from dusk till dawn.

Remaining Casual But Cool

A serene, clean outfit. The matching white cardigan and sandals enhance my skin complexion. White is considered to be the tint of perfection; so why not embrace and ‘perfect’ my outfit with this pure, innocent colour?! The slightly ripped jeans exudes a slight sense of edginess as well as preventing my attire from seeming too basic. Although it was blatantly obvious that the sun was half blinding me and I was in great need of sunglasses; it looked much better as an accessory.


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