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Evolution In Fashion

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Evolution In Fashion


As the world evolves, so does Fashion. Not only has it always been fun and accessible to everyone in terms of presenting your individuality to the public; but la mode enables you to have multiple interpretations. There is never a right or wrong answer in this industry; as all pieces are designed to include more than one meaning. Every garment fabricated has consistently held a unique story to reveal to its viewers. With that said, we are living in a fascinating time where fashion is affecting the social, cultural, political and environmental side more than ever; and therefore shapes our world of today as well as the future.


From Dior, Gucci and Chanel’s 2019 cruise collection; we acknowledge and appreciate the shift in creating ‘wearable’ and ‘aesthatically pleasing ’ garments; to designing a collection which has stemmed from inspiration and admiration. If we were asked what the definition of fashion was; it would be those two adjectives  at this precise moment. Haute couturiers’ innovation are wilder and bigger than ever before. The narrative is no longer told only through the clothing, but the whole mise-en-scene contributes too. Lighting, music, decorations and setting are all well-thought-out; therefore transporting us from our untamed  fantasies to real life.

Alexander McQueen especially, is still notable for his surreal yet memorable fashion shows. As a result, it has aroused many controversial discussions. Some would label his work as ‘grotesque’ but surreal fashion involves fine art mixed with chaos- which is what made his unusual way of perceiving fashion; quite glamorous on the contrary.


For the last two years, political issues have significantly been present in fashion and they go perfectly hand in hand. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s 2018 ready-to-wear collection for Christian Dior strongly focused on expressing her views on feminism (something she is truly passionate about). Political statements were made through the powerful use of slogan t-shirts, which was popularised by Vivienne Westwood during the 1960’s. Alongside it being seen as just a political proclamation, it also impacted the social aspect . The public felt that they could truly express themselves and tell their stories through slogan t-shirts. The t-shirt cult exhibition wonderfully breaks down its history and the impact it has had on people in greater depth.


Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Clothes

Whenever the ongoing topic on sustainable fashion is mentioned; it automatically resonates with  Stella McCartney and her brand. Whilst also being an animal rights activist, the English fashion designer never ceases to strive and demonstrate that eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is possible.  She has effortlessly proven on a number of occasions in her collections; that sustainable clothes can look just as nice as clothes that harms/pollutes our environment and exploits labourers. 


Every era in fashion has gone through a phase of varied styles and fits; where you feel obliged to stay within those guidelines. Tight, figure hugging gowns adorned the 1990 runways which was often seen by Azzedine Alaïa, Chanel and Versace. Since then, the reconstruction on the idea of what a woman represents through her clothes in the 21st century in comparison to the 20th century; has majorly altered every year. However, our individuality and our own original way of styling ourselves is the new ‘sexy’ in 2018. Fashion no longer gives you the sense of constraint of having to follow and live by the rules.


Fashion continues to advance and mature at such a rapid pace; that we wonder what is to come by 2025 for this powerful industry?


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