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Favourite Designer Friday 04: Elie Saab


Favourite Designer Friday 04: Elie Saab

Notable for his stunning, glistening gowns that could blind us all, Lebanese designer, Elie Saab has begun something new and great in his recent collection favoured by many.

Spring/Summer 2018 Haute Couture Collection

Ready-To-Wear 2018/2019 Collection

He swaps opulence and glamour for a sophisticated, dark romantic and rebellious look. His new collection is certainly refreshing. Elie Saaab has successfully shown the public how great he is when it comes to fabricating lavish, sparkly gowns, and he is now onto proving us his new look and taste in his brand.

I would personally wear each and everyone of those Fall/Winter looks. This collection featured many long skirts all varying in detail. The dresses all had typical autumn colours some even had the addition of floral prints.

A Victorian feel was generated due to the particular details and shape. The black wool top hats strongly reinforced this idea. As well as that, you could sense a bohemian theme too, which is what gave the extra charm to his garments. He also brought back the elegance of long scarves wrapped around your neck.

Only down side about this catwalk show was that more light was needed to better showcase his masterpieces. With that, it was still very glamorous but in a new way that we never expected to see from Elie. He has his own unique way and taste. A very commending collection.

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