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Favourite Designer Friday 03: Maria Grazia Chiuri


Favourite Designer Friday 03: Maria Grazia Chiuri

The first female creative director for Dior- Maria Grazia Chiuri. I have acknowledged how passionate the former creative director of Valentino is towards women and women’s activism. As a proud feminist, she has used her platform through fashion to showcase her views on women’s rights and its political issues.

After studying at Istituto Europeo Di Design in Rome, a bright and life changing future (not only for herself but also for women) was guaranteed.

Maria is the ideal lady to represent female empowerment. Taking over as the designer of the haute couture brand in July 2016, her Spring/Summer 2018/2019 collection as well as her Autumn/Winter line has continued to embody what it means to be a feminist.

Her ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2018 collection collection received a great deal of backlash for misrepresenting the brand Dior and her inaccurate portrayal of it, as Vogue reported this collection as being ‘an aged down version of Dior ready-to-wear.’ With that said, it is safe to say that these last two collections did the Italian designer justice.

If the Autumn/Winter collection had to be expressed in 3 adjectives, it would be; cool, vibrant and chic. The clothing featured many relaxed and liberated silhouettes, which was a strong representation of her idea of girl power. Having a mixture of fabric and material all flowed nicely together as a whole ensemble. The combination of mixed colours, prints, and fabrics seems to be the current trend in this year’s Fall/Winter collection.

With her strong passion on the subject of females, it is inevitable that Ms.Grazia’s future collections will always have a correlation between feminism and how it has inspired her next line. Let’s just hope that her enthusiasm and personal views on this topic will not blur the lines with what she will produce.

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