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Ways I Keep Up In The World Of Fashion

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Ways I Keep Up In The World Of Fashion

One way that many social media users like to keep up with fashion is through Instagram, from the latest trends and what the most popular Instagrammers wear. Although I am part of that percentage, I also like to be old school. This means still purchasing the latest fashion magazines and reading more of The guardian’s fashion section. Read on below to find out ‘Ways On How I Keep Up In The World Of Fashion!’


Fashion magazines used to be everyone’s number 1 fashion source. With the growing evolution in technology, publications such as Nylon, Glamour and Teen Vogue have as a result chosen to focus more on their online feature. Print magazines are a classic with a great depth of comprehension on the industry. They are made up of journalists and fashion geniuses who have studied this subject as a degree, and thus have a deeper, wider and more respected knowledge on la mode. Plus, who wouldn’t simply want to have their hands on historical magazines that have changed and shaped the world of fashion today, but has also had a major impact on the world in general? Vogue Italia July 2008, to Vogue UK December 2017- those are the magazines you want to have in print form and cherish for decades.

Fashion Books

A great, glossy cover with a classy hardback- what more could you ask for? Fashion books are more laidback and enjoyable to read when taking your afternoon tea. It is an easy way to register on ‘how to stay fashionable’ as an example. Giovanna Battaglia’s book ‘Gio_graphy’ is a great way to remain up to date.  OR if you prefer the ethical side of fashion, then ‘Overdressed’ is the book for you. From learning about materials, how to sew, to more personal volumes such as a stylist’s favourite outfits; you are bound to find at least 3 of those topics in one book.

Online News

It’s one thing remaining up to date with the latest trends and catwalk shows, but fashion goes way deeper than that. I like to find out the political and ethical side of this industry; where and how designers found inspiration for their newest collection; as well as any changes brands have decided to make. All of this accurate and detailed news can only be found on top news sites such as Vogue, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

The Real Daytime Show

The most unconventional ways of all- The Real. Although this daytime talk show does not mainly focus on fashion, I believe that la mode involves society, and has an effect on economics and politics. The Real opens up and speaks up on the controversial issues in fashion. For example, they were fortunate enough to have Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief; Elaine Welteroth on their show, who raised awareness on cultural appropriation. As well as that, The Real have also mentioned in the past about what the ‘ideal’ body shape/size  is to the industry and why people feel as if they have to conform to this. Not all is negative however. The ladies talk about trends, Fashion Guru and co-host of the real; Jeannie Mai, always gives great, inspiring and encouraging advice on styling yourself and feeling comfortable.

The exception

In addition to all of that, I can admit that I like to read the occasional fashion blogs. I’m very much a fan of Aimee song’s blog named, ‘Song of style‘ as well as her vlogs. You can tell that she really understands the fashion industry and that it is simply more than just knowing how to dress well and sitting front row.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it has given you different ways to keep up in the world of fashion. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you!X

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