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The Shard : Hutong Look

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The Shard : Hutong Look


You may have expected a more opulent dress after having mentioned ‘The Shard,’ but I chose to dress for me. This year in the world of la mode, from the shoes to the dresses and bottoms, everything has been focused and created to suit around one important thing— ‘comfort.’ For that reason, a zip neck denim dress; which had a vintage denim style to it, felt like the right choice. I could be free in my movements.

What prevented this dress from looking ‘basic’ were the fringe hems at the end of my sleeves and my robe. Not wanting to feel too tight and restrained in my outfit, I pulled the zip down; which I preferred as it made a v-neck shape.


From Summer festivals to haute couture runways, have we ladies final had enough of shoulder and crossbody bags? Absolutely not! It’s relaxing to be holding nothing once in a while. I opted for a chic belted bag to thus give me the possibility to wear it with literally anything and everything. The woven textured bum bag is the perfect size for my phone (considering the fact that it is an iPhone plus) as well as my cards as it has a small zip compartment. There is also extra room for a few more essentials. The tribal aztec zig zag pattern  gave this cute pouch extra character.


Accentuating my look, I also wanted attention towards my jewellery as well as my attire; which is why I paired my informal yet sassy dress with my statement tiered drop earrings. People tend to believe that the bigger the earring; the heavier it looks and it pulls on your earlobes- yet, it is lighter than my finger. Having no desire to to attract too much attention and be excessive with my look overall; I settled on subtle, clear earrings.


With the mouth-watering, fine Asian cuisine, also came with inspirational oriental decorations. Down below I have shared a few images with you guys that left me in awe; and loving this sumptuous restaurant even more.

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