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Soft Street Style

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Soft Street Style

Soft Street Style

I never imagined taking this many risks when it comes to styling myself. I enjoyed being quite minimalistic with my clothes; black jeans, black top, converses- that was it. Nothing extraordinary. However, I soon realised that I had the potentials to do more. Tops and bottoms weren’t just put together because I was certain that they eccentrically matched (which is what people sometimes mistaken fashion to be, a random pairing of bits and bobs which you call an outfit) and I would stand out. It was prominently about being more open towards changes that I knew would suit me.┬áIt’s just like trying out new food. My mother always lectured me, ‘you cannot say you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it.’ This transformation involved experimenting and accepting trial and error- which is what fashion is all about.

As you can tell, my adoration for faux fur jackets is obvious. Boyfriend jeans do not only make you look adorable but you it serves its purpose- comfortability. They allow you to feel and be free in every movement, whilst remaining fashionable. Same goes for the plain T-shirt I chose to tuck in but have a loose fit.

The addition of the bright, coloured fishnet tights were the statement piece to my outfit. Edgy, vibrant, and certainly cooooll. That’s what made this a street style look from my point of view.

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