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Paris, Paris, Paris

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Paris, Paris, Paris


B o n j o u r   m y    r e a d e r s!


I guess I left Paris at the right time, and was fortunate enough to enjoy its warm weather. So warm that I finally had a chance to let my legs breathe!

When it’s not raining in France, it will rain in London. If it’s not snowing in England, I’m sure you can guess where it is snowing. For that reason, I played it safe by slipping into a comfy thick grey knit dress. Surprisingly, my legs felt just as snug as the rest of my body. Though the addition of the oversized black jacket created a sophisticated look, I cannot defy the fact that I was definitely burning hot inside. Nonetheless, it is always better to be hot rather than freezing, as the cold can really ruin your day and make you lose all motivation.

Keeping a cool, light vibe flowing, I brightened up my day with my white Stan Smiths. I am not exaggerating when I say they go with everything. They generate a smart but still casual demeanour to your ensemble. Now I’m just currently waiting for my bank account to allow me to upgrade to the Alexander McQueen sneakers.

Totally fetch isn’t it?! It comes with two straps; one spiked, red strap as well as a blue, white and red rope strap- just like Gucci’s shoulder bag. What a coincidence that I opted for that particular strap for my voyage to France (since the colours of the French flag are blue, white and red.) . I wanted something (even if it’s small yet visible) to match with the hue of my cross body bag, so I went for a bright red lip liner. It’s just the right size to fit my camera, and other things we women like to normally store in our bag.

F r a n c e ‘ s  B e a u t i f u l  S i g h t s

Although France is my native country, I still enjoy being a tourist in my homeland.


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