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My Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Week Highlights

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My Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Week Highlights

This year’s Fall/Winter collection has brought great change in the Fashion industry. Innovation and creation has definitely marked these catwalk shows in Paris, Milan, New York and London. Here are some of the shows that have personally captivated my attention.


Philipp Plein

Some do not acknowledge Phillip Plein’s work to be recognised as ‘fashion’ and of ‘haute couture’ level, but he has slammed down these rumours with his futuristic Fall/Winter collection. His garments were not only suitable for the Season, but they also gave the models a sexy, slinky air to them- A bonus to dressing up during the colder periods. Though black remains an Autumn and Winter’s favourite colour, Plein went bold by introducing secondary colours such as red, orange, and yellow.


We all realise that fashion and technology is moving at a fast pace, but we were not expecting to see drones dominate the runway until late 2020! Rather than having the models present accessories down the catwalk, Dolce & Gabanna settled on having drones marking the entrance of their show, by whizzing down the runway instead.

Women Empowerment

Sara Battaglia

From the choice of colour, patterns and whole ensemble, some of Sara’s pieces were reminiscent of the historical teen movie ‘Clueless’. This collection for Ms.Battaglia devoted itself to embracing and showing a more aesthetically pleasing look for women’s workwear. ¬†Most of her looks were fitted outfits from the waist, which enhances a woman’s curves. This naturally¬†gave off a powerful yet seductive feel to work apparels.


What is so admiring about Chiuri is the fact that after being a feminist for quite a while now, she incorporates her opinions and feelings toward this topic into her collection. She has never and it is clear that she doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon, fighting women’s rights.


Although this collection gives a new 70’s disco feel to the Balmain brand, it still incorporates characteristics that LINKS BACK to the BRAND and its representation- confidence, fierceness and POWER. Whilst this collection is clearly much more vibrant than what we’re used to do, the power shoulders PERSONIFY women empowerment. As Olivier stated in his interview with Vogue, ‘The Balmain woman I would say in 3 words is fearless, diverse, she’s a dreamer[…] A mix of incredible women.’


Single earring

After discussing the single earring (which were a hit during the late 80’s) last year whilst at IKEA with my mother; little did we know that it would come back in to style so soon. Jewellery for the ears have become a great statement piece since last year, but the single earring is yet to be tested and accomplished by the public. Let’s see who will be brave enough to try and pull this off this year. After all, trial and error is part of Fashion.

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