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London Bridge Look

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London Bridge Look

Ahhh, London, London, London. You can never decide what to wear a few days in advance with its unpredictable weather. After checking the weather for Saturday night, it had stated that it was currently 16 degrees; but the wind was saying otherwise. Seeing as it was only a chilled dinner with my family, but with an amazing view whilst eating, I opted for a minimal yet quite charming look.

I remember always complaining about turtle neck tops and how I felt like ‘they didn’t suit me’, that they made my head look ‘odd’, and I felt as if it was suffocating me. Now, if you open my wardrobe, you’ll see that they will soon be dominating all the normal tops I own. After maturing, I simply figured out how to style my hair, do my make up and wear accessories which will match with the turtle neck top . It all depends on its thickness, style and colour.

Though tucking in your jumper inside your pants, leggings, skirt or whatnot is a common style, I had no choice but to do so. My faux leather pants were quite wide, so I had to hide this wardrobe malfunction by tucking in my jumper from the front and leaving the back out. No one could tell that this was done on purpose… until now.

Before becoming more self-conscious about my dress sense, I would go out with large handbags or shoulder bags that would leave my shoulder aching by the end of the night. With crossbody bags, it teaches you to only bring the necessities. Whereas, the bigger the bag, the more space you have to add unnecessary things. I have grown so fond of my Moschino evening, as you can style it in two different ways. The most common way is wearing it as a cross body bag with its thin shoulder strap, or it can also be held by the adorable bow handle.

*Word of advice: no matter how nice you find the heels, wait until they have your size in stock or wear insoles. In shoes, especially heels, I am never the exact size. There’s always the addition of the 0.5. Though I agree with the quote ‘beauty is pain,’ it is definitely not worth damaging your feet. After wearing these faux leather boot heels that were a bit too large for me, my night ended with a bruised toe and extreme pain on the back of my ankle. With all of that said, I would go through that pain again. It’s just a part of being a woman.

My look was complete with a black, light duster coat draped over my shoulders, which I didn’t really need in the end as my wooly jumper did its job- and so did the weather finally.

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