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‘Let The Earrings Speak For You’

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‘Let The Earrings Speak For You’

This Autumn/Winter, we have acknowledged many trends that never fail to make a comeback, such as faux fur jackets, check patterns and the typical seasonal colours  like burgundy and black dominating all of our wardrobes. However, earrings, especially the bohemian earrings have made a huge statement in 2017’s fashion trends. Be versatile when it comes to wearing a range of earrings. That doesn’t mean just simply wearing studs or hoops. Be unique and be different. Let the earrings sometimes describe you and not your attire. Read on to learn how to style your look with four of my favourite earrings that are perfectly suited for different occasions.

Hollie studded tape detail earrings

hollie studded tape detail earrings

Step out of the box and be more original with your look, by applying this rock Hollie studded tape detail earrings. This accessory is fantastic to sprinkle a hint of fierceness and create an edgy look. Add attitude and confidence to your look with a sweatshirt tucked into a faux leather mini skirt and complete this with the classic Dr Martens. As these earrings are quite bold, it is once again necessary to nicely balance your outfit, ensuring that your look is not too cramped and heavy. Even though the design of this earring has its own meaning, the use of black and silver adds a purifying and elegant touch to your flair.

Layla layered hoop earrings

layla layered hoop earrings

They are just the right size to create a sophisticated look. Pair these fancy gold earrings with a simple white shirt, jeans and ankle boots. If you are going for something more up-class in terms of your attire, a pantsuit and ankle strap heels would match perfectly. Make sure that when you are pairing your earrings with any other jewellery, to never mix gold with silver. This would instantly unbalance your whole look. Work your charm by flirtatiously flaunting these earrings on a first date.

Jen statement diamante sun moon earrings

Jen Statement Diamante Sun Moon Earrings

The perfect, eye pleasing accessory to lavishly appoint you from dusk till dawn. As these earrings already immensely stand out because of the amount of silver rhinestones on them, it is better to have them accompanied with a light outfit. This is so it doesn’t make the whole attire look like an excess of glitz and glam; as you then end up resembling a Christmas tree filled with ornaments. Sit back and allow these dazzling, opulent earrings to speak for your whole attire.

 Bohemian earrings

bohemian earrings

Last but not least, the overrated yet still adored chic earrings- The vintage bohemian earrings. They are either worn as tassel fringe Boho dangle earrings or long tassel hood drop earrings. These are the ones for you if you want to enhance your  tropical look and make you feel fashionably desirable. The public have dominated these earrings and styled them with a bralette and bell bottom trousers, all bright in colous- A popular attire that keeps the hippie, free spirited vibe flowing from head to toe. They have always reminded as the sort of jewellery that Cleopoatra would wear, as they define your beauty; genuinely suiting all different shapes of faces. These earrings are shown of better when in evidence, meaning that your hair cannot be covering your ears. Allow these flattering earrings to bring attention to your face, and soften your features.

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