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Get Your Closet Ready For Spring|Summer

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Get Your Closet Ready For Spring|Summer

Once you see that lucky ray of Sunshine, you can no longer resist to shop for Summer clothes. But what about the garments from last year that are just sitting at the back of your wardrobe? They could be turned into money or given to someone in need.

Want help with figuring out how to sort out your closet, to not be wasteful in the process of doing so; and be ready for Spring/Summer? Read on and I shall be your guide.

Sell On:


Although consistency and the purchase of each and every garment on your account is not guaranteed, Depop is a popular and fun app enabling you to sell anything. From clothes, to shoes and accessories, nearly everything can be sold. This form of ‘getting rid’ of your apparels is a win-win situation; as you are given money in return. Some have taken so much delight in that it has become a business. By buying a haul of clothes and re-selling them at a higher price creates a profit for you. I must say that this is easier said than done however.


Ebay is another way of getting rid of your unwanted vetements. You have the choice of either selling your items at a fixed price or allowing people to bid. By bidding, you have a better chance of your item being sold at a higher price than expected.

Don’t Throw Away, Give To Charity:

For those who were unaware, Fashion is the world’s second largest polluter. Trying to get rid of the clothes that are thrown out, costs more than the process of making them. What could be better than giving to the less fortunate? It costs nothing. Marie Curie, Red Cross, the list is endless. Make sure that the shop is open when you give away your items however, so that you are certain that they will be collected.

Pass Your Clothes Down:

This may not be the case with all siblings, but with my sister; it has definitely worked in the past. Why give your clothes away when you know your sibling is secretly taking some of your things anyway? Nothing excites them more than passing on your most ‘favourite’ and ‘expensive” top to them.

Leave Your Clothes In Purgatory:

Sometimes we’re not sure whether we are ready to let go of certain pieces. What I like to do, is leave my clothes that are in what I like to call; ‘purgatory,’ in a large suitcase, and once Summer is near, go through them again and make a definite decision. That can still be difficult. My best friend has taught me to always ask myself, ‘Do I Want It Or Do I Need It.’ In the world of a fashionista, sometimes it can be both. But I can assure you that it helps immensely. Not only does it save space in your wardrobe but it stops you from having to make decisions on the spot and regretting it a couple months down the line.

I hope that one of these ideas have come in handy and this post was useful. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you! X

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