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ERDEM X H&M Collection Launch

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ERDEM X H&M Collection Launch

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On the 2nd of November 2017 was the great launch of ERDEM x H&M collection. It had fans queuing all night for this collection.

Who Is Erdem?

erdem Moralioglu

Erdem Moralioglu is a distinguished Canadian and Turkish fashion designer born in 1977. He attended Ryerson University and left with a B.A in fashion. He later on worked for Vivienne Westwood, moved to London to study Fashion at The Royal College of Art. He launched his label ‘ERDEM’ in 2005. This fashion designer gained recognition on his great¬†experiments with textiles, his use of vibrant prints, and detailed craftsmanship. ERDEM is an Uyghur language originally from 11th century which means ‘kind, knowledge’ but also ‘virtue’ in Turkish as well.

Kate Middleton has been a loyal client, as she is often seen wearing coats and dresses by Mr.Moralioglu.

What To Expect From The ERDEM x H&M Collection

As it is obviously a collaboration with H&M, the designs have been created to attract and be just right for a modern audience- Ensuring to keep their young clientele. With that said, it is evident that he strongly continues to integrate his style and the designs he is known for in this collaboration with Swedish high street retailer. This is noticed from the recurring floral patterns shown below.

These designs are a powerful reflection of what Erdem knows to do best with his clothing.

‘The Secret Life Of Flowers’ cinematic short film exclusively put together for this launch; is one to not miss out on watching. It unveils the passion for Spring and flowers in depth as it is set in a country mansion filled with flowers of all colours. You instantly feel as if you are a part of this idealistic, unique setting. With all the beauty in 4 minutes, we are reminded that we are celebrating Erdem’s work, as admired models such as Saskia de Brauw, Imaan Hammam, Grace Hartzel and others; act in the clothing with such grace.

The collection perceives a chic, royal like taste. The garments are very rich in detail as well . This is the first time that Erdem has designed products for men. There are praises upon praises on Instagram and Twitter, and also disappointments that many people were unable to purchase certain items as it was already sold out. This just blatantly says a lot for the ERDEM x H&M collection. I hope to get my hand on one of these fine dresses soon.

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