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Fashion Week’s Fall 2019 Forecast

Fashion Forecast

Fashion Week’s Fall 2019 Forecast

From the passing of Karl Lagerfeld who unveiled his last Fendi and Chanel collection, to Tomo Koizumi’s eponymous label making headlines and attracting celebrity attention faster than you could say his name; this year’s Ready-To-Wear Fall Fashion Week was amped up with mixed emotions.

With all of that said, Fashion’s Forecast has confirmed the future trends which have already marked their territory for all seasons, and will certainly be here to stay longer than 2019/20.

Bigger Is Better

-Max Mara-

No More Mixing & Matching

-Elie Saab-



Neutral Colours To Pave The Streets


More Is Simply More

-Marc Jacobs-
– Tomo Koizumi-

Slogans Still Crawling Their Way In

-Christian Dior-

Keep in tune with more Fashion Week’s Forecast coming soon.

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