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We say that fashion allows you to express yourself, the t-shirt is the main reason for this. Politics, individuality, creativity, freedom of expression- the t-shirt offers all of the above; if not much more.Fashion and Textile Museum welcomes us a great, enlightening exhibition; T-shirt:cult-culture-subversion.

‘To wear a T-shirt is to be part of a never-ending conversation.’


The black Alexander McQueen T-shirt followed the flock printing process. It involves placing natural or synthetic materials onto adhesive-coated surfaces such as this t-shirt, in order to create a velvet or suede-like texture. Digital printing was used for the pug face t shirt. These printing techniques have become very popular not only for T-shirts, but also on pillow cases, duvet covers, mugs. Tie dye T-shirts are also a favourite, originating from the hippies’ world.












This part of the exhibition introduced how a T-shirt can also basically be a mood. The garment is very casual and laidback. It has a comical side to it in terms of the messages and images used to tell a certain story; but it can also be political. Sometimes it is a mixture of both.


vivienne westwood shop














The Punk subculture is best known for its political t-shirts; and Vivienne Westwood encouraging as well as embracing this era. Renowned British fashion designer partnered up with Malcolm McLaren and after it’s third refurbishment, their boutique on 430 King’s Road, London was named ‘SEX.’. The shop’s name changed to ‘World’s End’ in the late 80’s.

The T-shirts they sold with anarchist slogans and controversial images was all about rebellion. This was a strong representation of Britain and the Punks revolution during the 1970’s.


brand t shirtsJPG












As years go by, the world never ceases to evolve, with designers wanting to target the younger generation more and more. With the youth as the future of the world of la mode, high fashion designers such as Balmain and Givenchy pay more attention to their needs and what attracts them. The simple, yet proven to blatantly be a success, T-shirts with the brand’s name written across is a trend which will last for decades to come. Wearing one of these haute couture designer’s top not only flaunts your loyalty to the marque, but it also highlights your social and economic status.


unisex tshirt.JPG












A T-shirt has never been seen as being more feminine or masculine- simply unisex.Here, the lines are purposely blurred as it makes you question gender identity. Once again, the T-shirt has been chosen to politically convey a message, as it raises awareness on transgender and sexuality issues.


From this exhibition, you understand the history and depth of a T-shirt. For some, it may just be humorous or it may not mean anything to them; whereas for others; it is the only way to express themselves and arise to deep matters around the world.


keep calm and carry on

After the second World War, the British government had posters which conveyed messages of hope. The poster ‘keep calm and carry on’ was designed in case Britain was invaded by Germany. It never happened.

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