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Musée Yves Saint Laurent – Paris


Musée Yves Saint Laurent – Paris

5 Avenue Marceau, is where the Musée Yves Saint Laurent lays; completing a true Parisian setting with the view of the Eiffel Tower.

P a n t s u i t  F o r  W o m e n

The exhibition commences with a series of Yves’ most notable pantsuits fabricated for women, which changed the world of fashion right till this day. The French designer blurred the boundaries between gender appropriation and gender neutral fashion with his famous pantsuits; which were originally tailored and only worn by men.


R o b e  D e  S o i r  (n 00001)

Robe de soir- Yves’ first design for his Yves Saint Laurent label. This embroidered floral dress was originally created for Zizi Jeanmaire‘s show at the Alhambra.

I n s p i r e d  D e s i g n s

It was blatantly clear that Saint Laurent had a deep connection with Morocco; which was reflected in some of his designs and the botanical garden; Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. It was his favourite getaway destination, accompanied by companion Pierre Bergé.

‘In Marrakech, the colours against the women’s skin was extraordinary.’ – YVES SAINT LAURENT


His designs were not only inspired by this Northern African country, but also others such as Russia, Spain, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. From the colours, style of the gowns and materials used, these cultural influences were all a sign of admiration to the countries he travelled to.

A n  H o m a g e  T o  F a s h i o n

We are welcomed into a world where Yves’ homage to Fashion is displayed in chronological order of the eras. These opulent gowns represented the wealth of the upper class during the Middle Ages and renaissance through the silhouettes and materials.

Ysl went back in time, paying tribute to the roaring twenties, medieval times, but reinterpreting these eras to adapt to a woman of today. Comfort and freedom in movement was his ultimate focus. This was strongly seen in his recreation of the short, tassel 20’s dress.

W h e r e   Y v e s’   C r e a t i o n s   C a m e    A l i v e


This is where the genius’ designs came to life, and changed women’s lives during the times where they were fighting to break down the barriers of gender inequality. The models would strut down this beige carpet, as Yves reviewed his collection. Amalia Vairelli was the French designer’s muse for nearly two decades; and walked in all of his most important shows.


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D e s t i n a t i o n  ✈  Morocco

This July, I am very excited to be taking a trip to Morocco. Of course, I will be visiting the two and half acre landscape garden created by French orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle, as well as the museum. I cannot wait to show you guys the architecture, exotic colours, the wonderful people and the country’s breathtaking scenery. I will also be vlogging my trip on my youtube channel (which I will reveal the name soon), so please stay tuned!


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