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Christian Dior Exhibition: Musée Du Louvre


Christian Dior Exhibition: Musée Du Louvre

On the 13th August, I went to Christian Dior’s exhibition. Two words to describe the event as a whole: Magically phenomenal. With the amount of details presented and for the price I paid, if I could; I would go again… and again… and again.

Even though Christian Dior is very popular and overrated, without a doubt I felt like it was only right to share and show appreciation for his attentiveness, and care in giving women a stronger platform and status in life through his designs. Not only will this post show his development in the fashion industry, but it will also give reason for all of his designs, which link to his personal life.



Christian Dior was born in Granville, France on the 21st January, 1905. He began his studies in Political Science, but his heart was really in the Art and Fashion industry. After the closing of his small art gallery, he began selling his fashion sketches, and that was the beginning of his legendary career as a renowned, French Fashion designer.

These pictures above are images of the preparation for Christian Dior’s first collection in 1947 and the last adjustments made.

 After understanding and gaining knowledge on Dior’s personal life, I was taken in a room full of miniature creations of garments and accessorises; all varying in colours.

“After Women, flowers are the most divine of creations – CHRISTIAN DIOR”

These light, enchanting, nature deities dresses seen above were designed with Dior’s nostalgic memories of his childhood garden. He enjoyed drawing his collections in the middle of his garden, surrounded by flowers.

And what a better way than leaving the best till last by being invited to the lavish Post-War ball! These balls took place to state a new found joy, and therefore create fairy-tale, extravagant, elegant ball gowns.

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