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My Statement Pieces

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My Statement Pieces


Nothing is more endearing than ruffled, frilly anklets. The lines between the idea that they are only to be worn by young girls have been blurred, as I have seen many teenagers and young adults adorn them- I being one of them too. As everything has a story and history, these vintage socks were tremendously popular between the 1920’s-1960’s.  White ankle socks were the norm, but soon, a bold change in fashion took place and they begun to recognise more variations in colours. Bold and bright hues as well as pastel colours. The ongoing trend filled with attitude, fishnet socks are gradually turning into a collection in my wardrobe.


*F U N  F A C T:  F i s h n e t  T  i g h t s  A n d  S o c k s  K e e p  Y o u  S u p e r  W a r m

When it comes to me,  I like to erect an innocent look with my best-loved socks. A knit jumper tucked into either my denim a-line skirt or high rise skinny jeans, and any low top shoes, which allows me to show off the lace details of my frilly anklets.



When something is missing such as lipstick or my eyebrows are not done; I feel as if my flamboyant earrings are the solution to everything. My go to earrings would definitely be my silver hoops. If I want to dress down- silver hoops, if I want to make more of an effort- silver hoops once again.


Hair accessories

Lately, I have been feeling down about my hair in terms of not being able to style it in a particular way. I soon realised that small changes are just as noticeable and appreciated as much as large ones. In this case, different types of hair clips aided me in giving me that extra boost of confidence. Whether it was changing the colour of my bobby pins, its position on my head or both; I knew that the possibility of a wide range of styles were endless.

However if I have to be honest, I don’t think this will last, as I have already lost a quarter of my bobby pins in the space of two weeks.


Lipstick/Lip liner

As I am nowhere being a professional with makeup, I therefore like to stand out with an appealing lipstick or lip liner. Just like some of you may feel as if your eyebrows, highlighted cheekbones or contouring are what makes your face stand out overall; in this case for me, it would be a rouge à levres.



The closest you can get to feeling the dominance Meryl Streep held in the classical movie, ‘The devil wears prada’ is through a nice pair of sassy shades. I like to wear sunglasses that are tinted, as I enjoy the feeling of people not being sure whether you’re staring at them or something in the distance.


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